Saskatoon Disaster Services has the most cost effective and time efficient solutions in Saskatchewan. We’re removing Vermiculite from homes and businesses faster and more cost effective than many of our competitors.

What is Asbestos?

Vermiculite aka asbestos is a material that was commonly used in home construction for attic insulation and for filling wall cavities such as those in cinder block walls. It was produced and used for this purpose between 1920 and the early 1990’s. Vermiculite Insulation was also sold under the brand name Zonolite®.

For more information on Asbestos:

Visit Health Canadas Website


What does SDS do?

After testing confirms the presence of Asbestos or Vermiculite insulation, one must perform an abatement prior to renovations or demolition. We can ensure all hazardous materials are removed in a safe and controlled environment, ensuring none become harmful to you, or your family.